Lindsay is a yoga teacher, run coach and personal trainer. She brings in creativity to yoga sessions with focus on anatomical alignment, muscle activation and mind engagement. Lindsay teaches yoga as it relates to her students and athletes; explaining how yoga can shape and redefine the student or athlete in their workouts or individual/team sports. She is an E-RYT through Yoga Alliance with 2000+ hours of yoga instruction, Certified USA Track & Field Level 1 Run Coach and Certified Personal Trainer through American Council on Exercise.

Lindsay is currently working on her CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. For Lindsay, yoga is an essential cross training element and continues to benefit her running; building mental strength and focus with minimizing injury and muscle imbalance. The mental and physical strength Lindsay creates while practicing on the mat is one contributing factor to her personal best in the 2016 Grandma's Marathon; finishing in 3:28:58.

She enjoys serving others and does it with passion. Lindsay encourages students to attack their personal goals and turn their dreams into reality on and off the mat through the discipline of yoga. Her mantra is simple, "Train the mind. Train the body." Lindsay believes anything is possible if you jump outside your comfort zone, dig deep and work hard every single day.

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