Our classes are based on Hatha Yoga, a balancing sun/moon practice, and Vinyasa Yoga, a practice that links breath to movement and strengthens the mind-body connection. No matter the age, weight, strength or flexibility level of the student, LifeCore classes are for everyone. Each description notes the approximate yang portion practicing warming and physical postures and yin portion practicing cooling and restoring postures.


Free Beginner Class

This introduction to yoga will provide you with the basic tools to get started. The intimate group experience offers a safe, nurturing and inspiring setting to begin your yoga journey. Students must pre-register on our Events page. 


Gentle Yoga 1

A gentle yoga class focusing on basic postures, mindful alignment and modifications to support a functional range of motion. Class is designed to increase mobility, reduce tension and calm the nervous system. Excellent for beginners. 30 Yang/70 Yin

Gentle Yoga 2

A gentle flow class that builds upon knowledge, strength and mobility gained in Gentle Yoga 1. Class ends with guided relaxation to calm the nervous system. This class is specifically designed to leave you feeling balanced and peaceful. 40 Yang/60 Yin


Candlelight Yoga

A candlelit class to restore the body and mind with an emphasis on breath work, lengthening muscles and relieving stress. Excellent for beginners. 30 Yang/70 Yin

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is often referred to as "a quiet practice" where poses are done sitting or laying down. Students are guided mindfully into poses that are held for three to five minutes. Yin Yoga helps quiet the mind preparing students to finish class with a guided meditation. 100% Yin


LifeCore 1

A foundation class to learn basic postures with a focus on alignment, modifications and breath work. Excellent for beginners. 50 Yang/50 Yin


All Levels Yoga

A combined class for LC1 and LC2 students that builds upon foundation knowledge integrating various posture options. Come move and breathe together. 65 Yang/35 Yin


LifeCore 2

A physical practice integrating unique posture options and repetitive sequence flow. Take your practice beyond the basics with playful and challenging postures and a variety of yoga tools to help students deepen their journey. Heated. 80 Yang/20 Yin 


Slow Circuit Strength

Slow weight training doesn’t mean it’s easy. During slow rep workouts muscles experience more time under tension compared to fast reps. Slow down to feel the strength with weights or resistance bands in this 45 minute all levels fitness format. 100% Yang.


Tone 1

A combination yoga/strength/cardio fitness class great for full body conditioning. 100% Yang.


Tone 2

Intense combo yoga/strength/cardio fitness class great for full body conditioning. Heated. 100% Yang.


LifeCore Barre 

All levels class to strengthen our smaller but important supportive muscles by combining high repetition conditioning using the barre, resistance bands, weights and core balls. 100% Yang


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