Dawn apprehensively came to yoga after a shoulder injury. Her physical therapist recommended, urged, and finally insisted she try yoga as part of her rehabilitation. After practicing yoga for only a couple of months, she was released from physical therapy. Recovered from her injury, Dawn felt she no longer needed to attend classes. Within a week or two of not practicing, she realized yoga had become vital to her wellbeing for many other unexpected reasons. Dawn realized her yoga practice had enriched her life with, not only, physical strength and flexibility, but mental clarity, emotional balance, and an overall sense of peace in her day to day life. She went back to her yoga practice with commitment, passion and full of gratitude.

Eager to deepen her personal practice, Dawn enrolled in the YogaWorks 200 hour teacher training program under the training of Chrissy Canning Beutel, completing her certification in June of 2012, and began teaching right away. Practicing for more than 7 years and teaching for the last 5, Dawn has lead over 1300 yoga classes. A life long lover of learning, she has participated in numerous workshop courses under the training of Alexandria Crow. Eager to go deeper and attain her 500 hour certification, Dawn enrolled in the Devanadi 340 hour training program under the training of Tanya Boigenzahn, graduating in May of 2017. Dawn personal yoga journey has been a profound experience and influence in her life, but even more life-changing has been the gift of being able to share yoga and yoga philosophy with her students. “Everyone is unique! I feel honored to share the experience of learning, exploring, and celebrating the differences each student brings to their practice, on and off the mat.” Dawn Marie Wenisch.

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