Arrive Early

Arriving 10 minutes before class starts is usually enough time to check-in with the teacher and get settled. If you arrive less than 5 minutes before class starts, you will forfeit your reservation and your spot will be released to another student. Give yourself a few extra minutes before class to use the restroom, lay out your mat, and gather props.

What should you do if you arrive after class has begun? Out of respect for the yogis already in the studio, we unfortunately cannot stop class once it has begun.

Please Do Not

  • Enter the studio after class has begun

  • Knock on the studio windows or door


Remove Shoes

Yoga is practiced with bare feet. Please place shoes in the lobby. By removing your shoes, you’re not only helping with studio cleanliness, but you’re respecting the studio space.


Turn off Electronics

Phones, wrist watches, fit-bits, or anything that dings, rings, or buzzes—should be turned off and put away before class. Take this time for you! Disconnect from electronics so you can be fully present with your practice and to avoid embarrassing disruptions in class.


Enter the Studio Quietly

Respect your fellow yogis by settle down quietly, briefly greet your friends, and relax until class starts. Save the social time for the lobby after class. When you enter, be mindful of those around you and gently place your mat and props on the floor. Take a few minutes to focus inward to meditate or set intentions before class begins.


Make Space

While yoga is a very personal practice, it’s also a group activity. If the class looks full, the teacher may request the mats to be rearranged to accommodate everyone. If you see another student in need of a spot, help them out by moving your mat to make extra space. 


Mind Your Scent

Respect your fellow yogis by being mindful of your body odors, excess perfume, or colognes. Yoga class can be an intimate setting and you may practice close to other students. As the body warms and the breath deepens, smells become magnified and many people are sensitive or even allergic to certain scents.


Clean Up

When you borrow a mat or props from the studio, we ask that you wipe them down and put back it their proper place. Be respectful of others practicing after you by wiping up any water spills or sweat puddles you may have created during class.


Follow the Practice

The easiest way to show your teacher respect is by doing your best to follow the sequence the teacher has created. Remember, you can always take a resting posture when needed, or modified version of the postures being taught. Talk with your teacher after class if you have questions regarding appropriate modifications. Out of respect for the teacher and fellow yogis, please do not do your own series in the middle of a guided class. It can confuse and distract the teacher and other students. 


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