E-RYT 200/RYT 500, YACEP

Playing almost every sport as a kid, Nikki was inspired by training with her triathlete father, joining her mom’s avid step aerobic regimen, and just having an unrelenting love for dance and movement. After pursuing a degree in Health and Physical education at St Cloud State University, she taught fitness education in a Montessori School for two years along with a full-time position of designing and managing fitness programs for an international government defense contractor.

With both NETA group and ACE personal training certifications, Nikki recognized her love for igniting the broadest possible community with a love for physical wellness and led almost every format of group fitness at the YMCA, Gold’s Gym and Lifetime. Then - within a single fateful month - Nikki suffered debilitating back injuries from both a car and snowboarding accident. But the recovery path would afford new insights on strength and wellness, eventually leading her to yoga.

Learning the benefits of hot yoga, Nikki went to California for training in a specialized practice which opened her eyes to the numerous and subtle ways people unknowingly abuse their bodies. Not only did this training help restore her back, Nikki also found inspiring insights on the mind-body connection. This realization profoundly changed her perspective, even shifting her parenting philosophy to the benefit of her son, who was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. The clarity and calm offered through yoga practice helped to convert life’s obstacles into opportunities.

Since her initial training, Nikki also completed the renowned Yogaworks 200 hour program, then was subsequently invited as teacher training apprentice and co-teacher for another 200 hour training with Chrissy Canning of Yogaworks. Nikki followed that up with an additional 340-hour training from Devanadi School of Yoga and Wellness. Continuing her drive to make wellness and healing accessible for all, she completed a training for physical and emotional trauma from the Boston Trauma Center in 2016 and has expanded her practice to help those with brain injuries, physical disability and trauma on a path to wellness.

Even after teaching thousands of classes, Nikki calls herself a perpetual student. Through each interaction, her understanding of a safe and effective practice is expanded and deepened. She believes that gaining alignment awareness, practicing consistently and a willingness for honest self-study, we can tap into the creative life force that exists within each of us. She passionately guides her students back to their bodies with a light-hearted and playful style steeped in substance. When not in the yoga studio, you can find her sipping coffee in a hammock, globe-trotting to new places or climbing a tree with a camera over her shoulder.

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