Having a yoga teacher as a mom, Kenna grew up with yoga as an integrated way of life. Kenna would often attend classes with her mom as far back as she can remember. However, it wasn’t until she discovered gentle flow that she completely fell in love with the practice. The calm energy, slow movement, guided meditation and long savasana helped her to feel a sense of calm and ease in her body that she had not experienced before.

After high school Kenna began a regular yoga practice that lead her to the decision to get her 200 hour certification. She went to Costa Rica in March and learned from Courtney Fletcher of Gypsea Yoga School. They practiced guided meditations by waterfalls and their classroom was in the jungle surrounded by monkeys and sloths. It was an incredible month long journey. She has since mentored under her mom, Nikki Lee.

As a teacher, Kenna draws her inspiration off of the feeling she had in that first gentle yoga class. It is her intention to always create a peaceful, grounding and accepting environment for her students: a place where people can escape some of the world’s noise and come back to their breath. When Kenna is not in the yoga studio she is usually in the kitchen cooking natural foods and blogging new recipes. She is also currently studying Ayurveda in the Holistic Health program at Normandale College.

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