RYT 200, Kundalini Lvl 1

Joy Robichaud A lifetime of competitive swimming and exercising with various trainers left Joy physically fit, but searching for a more fulfilling workout. A dear friend introduced her to hot yoga and she was immediately hooked. The physical discipline and tenacity of the series drew her in immediately. More importantly, the meditation and focus required to do the asanas tied in perfectly with the transformational work that she had recently completed.

The strength, flexibility and mental clarity gained after a couple of years of regular practice inspired her to want others to experience this. She completed her teacher training in 2005 and has been consistently teaching hot and hot/vinyasa classes ever since. She has also gone on to run teacher trainings and teach others the skill and gift of guiding the practice.

When she isn’t teaching yoga, Joy has her own interior design firm at the design center here in Minneapolis. She also started her own fabric line that is sold across the country to other interior designers. Joy is blessed to have two wonderful adult children & a sweet little dog named Bodhi – Sanskrit for enlightenment.

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