E-RYT 200/RYT 500

Christine started practicing yoga as a reprieve from more intense sports such as volleyball, basketball, running, and cycling. The non-competitiveness and healing as well as the feeling of balance and harmony to not only her physical body, but to her entire being drew her back to her mat again and again. She is in awe of the power of yoga as it has changed her life in multiple ways and in living an amazingly beautiful life because of it.

Christine is an eternal student, who loves all types of sports and outdoor activities, loves good food, good books, and the love and laughter shared with family and friends. During the school year, she is a teacher in the Minnetonka School District and can be found sharing her “yoga” knowledge with her students as well as her fellow teachers and peers.

Christine completed her Yoga Alliance teacher training with CorePower followed by their extensions program. She has had the honor to study under many wonderful gurus and humbly gives thanks and praise to all teachers, and inspirations that have brought her to this place on her journey.

Christine is committed to helping yogis expand their vision, build confidence and feel healthy and whole with her steady and calming flow. She invites students to follow their own breath to the authentic self within. She believes that each practice offers a new opportunity to start fresh, as well as embrace and cultivate a balanced and happy life. With great enthusiasm to be part of the LifeCore Yoga community, Christine looks forward to meeting you in class, practicing next to you, and sharing her love of asana and breath with each and every student.

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